Paleo Breakfast Ideas

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Depending your personal tastes and the day of the week, there are a range of different paleo breakfasts which you can whip up in a hurry.

No matter whether you feel like something sweet or savory, vegan-friendly food or bountiful servings of vegan, our breakfast ideas will give you the inspiration that you need to always enjoy the perfect breakfast.

For even more early morning culinary inspiration supplying a massive selection of recipes, techniques, and even an eating plan, get The PaleoHacks Cookbook. It’ll soon become your companion until its wonderful ideas and plans become a part of your natural process.


Muffins give the avid paleo follower endless options for breakfast. From the chocolatey goodness of chocolate zucchini muffins to the super sweet richness of banana flour raspberry, there is a muffin for everyone. Don’t underestimate the versatility zucchini. It pairs with everything from pumpkin to fruit flavors. Berries are another winner, while you can also find recipes which have paleo muffins ready in under 15-minutes, while giving the option of everything from grain-free baking to delicate coconut creations spiced to perfection.

Paleo Breakfast Ideas 2


Whenever you’re baking, keep an eye on the baking powder as it may not be paleo-friendly. Keep this in mind and you’ll have donuts which you’ll struggle to stop yourself from eating to completion on-the-spot.

Low-carb donuts have a slight crunch to their texture and are highly nutritious thanks to the almond and other nut-flours used in combination with ground coconut and spices, depending on your individual recipe. Whip up a batch of donuts in no time and with little fuss which will make any paleo follower proud. Store-bought or freshly made, donuts are a winning paleo breakfast on any day of the week.

Stir Fry

High-heat cooking and near-raw vegetables are always a combination for a healthy diet. Paleo stir fry recipes take less effort than you would expect and provide you with breakfast flavors to suit any palate in a hurry. From stir fries using nothing more than honey and ginger, to crisp off beef and slices of vegetables to stir fry sauces perfect for any meal whipped up in under five minutes, stir fry is quick and tasty.

Breakfast stir fry is the most effective way to get in a healthy dose of vegetables to start your day and once you’ve played around with sauces and spices, you’ll soon see just how versatile paleo stir fry is.


Bacon is an ingredient which many would say should be in every meal. Add it to a stir fry for a spin on Eastern cuisine, while bacon muffins, breads, frittatas, snacks, salads and even smoothies are tasty to some. It all depends on how much you love bacon but one thing can be said – it’s one great ingredient as long as you stay to paleo bacon only.

Paleo bacon is free from nitrates and fillers. Be sure to check your bacon to see if it’s a natural brand suitable for the paleo diet. After looking through the many unbeatable bacon recipes making a part of The PaleoHacks Cookbook you’ll soon learn just how versatile this ingredient can be.

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Paleo smoothies are as adaptable as you could ever imagine them to be. Recipes range from every type of fruit, berry and blend of natural sweet goodness to tasty breakfast offerings featuring fairly strange components such as shortcake and green tea.

The paleo diet works very well with smoothies giving you a huge array of breakfast possibilities suited to healing the body in a range of different ways. Look around and you’ll find smoothies to bolster the immune system and others to detox in days. Base your smoothie on a range healthy fats and a good deal of protein and you’ve got a breakfast delivering lasting energy.


Mini-ham, onion and broccoli whipped and poured into a muffin cup sound any good? How does a family-sized oven frittata with a range of vegetable compare? High in protein and high in choline, eggs are one of the best paleo ingredients you can use. When in a rush, one can even get away with a side of vegetables and a few scrambled or fried eggs but the best is a frittata.

Mini-frittatas can be taken along for lunch while an oven frittata with vegetables which have been pre-stir fried and spiced works extremely well. Mediterranean flavors blend into a frittata batter better than most. Be sure to try out a range of diced or sliced olives, peppers and both fresh basil and a generous amount of feta cheese for frittata which you can base around spinach, kale or any other cruciferous green which you prefer.


As a breakfast, salad is far too often overlooked. Endlessly versatile, salad can be made in ways to suit any taste. Roasted salads are great to take a break from fresh greens. Try out a roasted sweet potato salad with or without bacon for a paleo breakfast which you’ll keep coming back to. Freshly shredded ginger and lime gives a noodle salad a great base especially when adding some spice. Instead of something on the hot end, try peri peri or simply go for bell peppers instead to meld the ginger and lime into a fragrant, tangy noddle breakfast which you won’t be able to stop eating.

Power Bars

Bake them in a tray, shape them by hand or buy them in a store, paleo power bars are a great all-round breakfast. Any good grocery store will have an array of paleo-friendly energy bars but if you want to customize your nutrition and flavors, make your own. Fruit and nut bars are a great place to start while coconut and most fruits work well together.

You even get paleo power bars which bring a much-welcomed twist to a conventional brownie recipe. Baked energy bars with nuts and seeds are a reliable, healthy breakfast which you can play around with to discover endless combinations. Gluten-free energy bars are also great for a snack on the go.

On-the-Go Snacks

Nut and chocolate bars are always a nutritious snack whether its breakfast or not, just try not to overdo it. A slice of pie is just as convenient and fills the gap, but you’ll need to make sure you’ve got a suitable container. Shop around and you’ll find store-bought snacks ranging from an assortment or nuts to beef jerky, chicken bites, and less common snacks such as sev and nuts, trail mix and other spicy treats.

Something Different

Like French toast? You’ll love banana bread French toast even more especially if you have a sweet tooth. Another strange yet delicious paleo breakfast is stuffed sweet potatoes. Halve and hollow before adding in some bacon for meat eaters or spinach, as well as a finely chopped onion and some salt, and you ‘ve got a tasty breakfast which will continue to surprise you. Sweet potatoes can be stuffed with chili as well. The contrast gives stuffed sweet potato depths of flavor.

Paleo breakfast recipes are full of innovation. To learn even more ways to pack paleo-friendly nutrition into the most important meal of the day you simply have to get yourself The PaleoHacks Cookbook. From breakfast recipes to dinner, and even a guide to eating paleo in restaurants, it never disappoints.

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