How to Lose Weight on Paleo

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A well-formulated eating plan in conjunction with healthy exercise and lifestyle habits ensures steady weight loss for any paleo follower. One can even combine the paleo diet with the fat-burning bursts of a Keto diet from time to time in order to drop waist sizes and weight even faster. Here we’ll be taking you through a look at how to lose weight on paleo.

Follow these paleo dieting tips and you’ll be able to cut through excess weight safely and sustainably, while eating foods which taste great too.

If you’re looking for much more to-the-point information concerning losing weight while on the paleo diet, then you have to page through the excellent PaleoHacks Cookbook and its five bonus books. It gives you all the info you need to speed up weight loss in a healthy manner.

Switch Your Fats and Oils

Once of the best things about switching to a paleo diet is how you simply cannot afford to continue using unsafe trans fats such as hydrogenated oils. Sunflower seed, canola, soya and olive oil blends are all unhealthy for your heart and horrible for your waist. Switch to coconut butter, ghee, extra virgin olive oil, and avocado oil to make the healthy choice which will also help your weight loss.

How to Lose Weight on Paleo 2

Lean Cuts Only

If you’re following the paleo, diet then you’ll most likely find yourself cooking a lot of meat. Portion out your plate making sure to only have a condiment sized portion of protein. If you use a lean cut of meat and serve an appropriate size you’ll save money and help your health, while losing weight thanks to the nutrient dense low-caloric content of your vegetables.

Cut out Meat

An even better way to lose weight on paleo is to leave out meat completely. While this may not be a possibility for most, it is relatively easy to maintain a week’s worth of meatless meals throughout the course of a month. Give it a try making sure to replace the meat on your plate with a suitable vegetable protein and you’ll be astounded by your rapid weight loss.

Eat Eggs or Seed and Nut Proteins

Depending on your dietary habits, either integrate more eggs or more seed and nut proteins. Not only are these far lower in calories and higher in healthy fats, but the fiber found in seeds and nuts is fantastic for weight loss. Its slow release of energy ensures that you feel fuller for longer making seeds and nuts one of the best snacks to keep your hunger at bay.

Lower Your Carbs

Starches like sweet potato may be a paleo staple but that doesn’t mean that they’re the best for weight loss. Limit your intake of carbs while maintaining a healthy exercise routine and you’re guaranteed to lose weight. A paleo diet already eliminates refined sugars now all you need to do is cut out the carbs. Excess carbohydrates eventually become stored fats leading to systemic inflammation throughout the body. Unless you’re going to be using that fuel immediately, you’ll end up picking up pounds.

Up Your Fiber Intake

Foods such as zucchini, peppers, avocado, fresh salad vegetables such as lettuce, and even summer squash and all types of fruit are high in fiber. If you’re losing weight and want to improve your results, then eat more fiber. Not only will you feel fuller for longer but your metabolism will benefit as well. Overall wellness relies on gut health and maintaining a healthy fiber intake is a surefire way to heal the belly and drop a waist-size.

How to Lose Weight on Paleo 3

Portion Control Your Vegetables and Eat Enough of Them

One of the best ways to achieve a caloric deficit is to eat massive amounts of vegetables. Adjust your diet to include eight to ten servings of fresh fruit and vegetables carrying at least 30 grams of total fiber and you’ll tip your balance into a deficit quicker than ever. The PaleoHacks Cookbook has a full discourse on how to guarantee that your portions are suited to your body. This is one of the best ways to assist your weight loss through ramping up your metabolism and sustaining a caloric deficit for guaranteed fat burning.

Reaching a Caloric Deficit and Paleo

The optimal caloric deficit to begin following a standard paleo diet from lies between 10 and 30%. Maintain a caloric deficit until you hit the 30% marker ideally and then adjust to a personalized paleo diet for the best results. Do this and back it up with daily physical activity and your weight loss will astound you.

Lower Your Stress Levels

We don’t always eat because we are hungry. Most of the time hunger comes as a trigger to stress without us even realizing it. Practice mindfulness, take time for yourself, and head outside with no purpose other than clearing your head. All of us need to decrease our stress levels. The latent stress of wanting to lose weight badly often results in more food cravings than before our journey began. Destress, switch off your noisy head, and watch your weight drop while you enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Pay Careful Attention to Your Nutrition

Nutrient deficiency is far more common than you would think. Pay close attention to your personal nutrient intake and perhaps even see a nutritionist so that you know where to begin adjusting your diet. Another perfect way to tip yourself into balance is to develop a balanced eating plan and stick to it. Many of our cravings to eat come from isolated nutrient deficiencies while these same deficiencies also limit our body’s ability to burn stored fat.

Combine Paleo with Keto

The keto diet can be great to lose weight but it is not a state which you should maintain for long periods of time. By watching your macronutrient intake and limiting your carbs to the equivalent of a single banana a day, you can reach ketosis while following a strictly paleo diet. It is highly recommended that you follow up a week or two burst of ketosis which a nutrient-rich meal plan in order to satisfy any minor deficiencies which may have occurred.

Losing Weight with Paleo

Whenever you follow any diet especially a paleo eating plan, you need to include regular exercise in order to see the best weight loss results. You won’t lose enough weight fast enough to keep you happy if you simple stay seated all day and only eat right. This being said, there are few better ways to kick-start healthy weight loss.

Paleo ensures that you’ll lose weight steadily and keep it off as long as you stick to the diet and stay active. Stick to the one-month eating plan provided by The PaleoHacks Cookbook collection and exercise daily to be astounded by your waist size and weight within thirty short days.

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