How to Eat Paleo on a Budget

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Unless you're a pegan, or paleo-vegan, your diet is most likely meat heavy. This translates to quite a heavy cost but if you compare the benefits to any other standard eating plan you’ll soon see that it is the only diet you want to follow.

When one looks at the endless healthy ways to prepare paleo food in The PaleoHacks Cookbook, you’ll soon see that eating on a budget is not only possible but the chosen manner of preparing many meals.

Paleo doesn’t have to be expensive. We have compiled some of the most effective cost-saving tips for paleo followers to reap in the benefits of a whole-food diet without breaking the bank. Here is an in-depth look at how to eat paleo on a budget.

Bulk Buying Always Works

Whenever you can afford it try to buy in bulk. Good examples of foods to consider buying in bulk include:

  • Organic free-range eggs or omega 3-enriched eggs
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Coconut sugar
  • Fruit juice
  • Egg white powder
  • Entire cow, whole chickens or bulk pork
How to Eat Paleo on a Budget 2

Learn to Love Leftovers

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by just how much money you save by finishing your leftovers on the following day. You can easily cut the cost of one entire meal down to nothing or a bare minimum which over the course of a month tallies up to a notable saving. You don’t always have to eat the exact same meal as the night before. Think out of the box and most meals can be transformed into something new using just one or two extra ingredients.

If You Have to… Buy Frozen

Frozen food comes at a distinct cost and it's definitely not the money saved that were referring to. Other than the distinctive taste, frozen food is often sapped of nutrients by the time it reaches your plate but if you are really pinching pennies then considering buying certain vegetables frozen in bulk.

Integrate More Meatless Days

Meat carries with it a high price tag no matter whether you buy organs and budget cuts or only eat prime steak. Even poultry and pork are far more expensive that having a vegetable at the core of your meal. Paleo followers should try to go meatless for one week out the month. Space it out however you want and replace your protein with egg, mushrooms, nuts, seeds or any ingredient you see fit. If you are lacking inspiration, search pegan recipes to find countless mouth-watering meals.

Cook in a Crockpot and Buy a Cheaper Cut

Paleo followers should learn to capitalize on the power of slow cooking and make more meals in a crockpot. This allows you to buy cheaper cuts of meat which are packed with more flavor anyway. Given the prolonged cooking time, your stew always comes out tasty and tender while the price of your meat saves you a considerable amount of cash.

Eat Seasonally and Watch Where You Shop

The fruit and vegetables which are in season will be significantly cheaper than their imported out-of-season counterparts. Take a look through the outstanding bonus books making a part of The PaleoHacks Cookbook package for more information on seasonal eating. If you plan your meals according to what is available at the most affordable price you'll soon reel in considerable savings.

Always compare your cost to that of nearby competing stores. Fresh grocers, and fruit and vegetable markets are far cheaper and supply a higher quality at their lower cost. Similarly, it may be worthwhile to find a good butcher or take a drive to the dock or harbor to find your fish. Shopping around is critical to eating paleo on a budget but helps anyone benefit from essential savings.

Grow Your Own Herbs

A herb box takes very little space and infrequent watering to guarantee you a supply of fresh herbs which come to quite a total when considering the amount of herbs bought each day over the course of a month. The best flavors come from fresh herbs, and plants such as parsley and basil could not be easier to grow. Never go without a fresh herb garden; paleo or not, you need it.

Visit Your Grocery Store Just Before Closing

Many grocery stores mark down their fresh fruits and vegetables which are just about to hit their expiry date, every afternoon about an hour before closing. Anyone eating a whole-food diet should check their local stores for mark-down produce as if you are buying for the exact same evening’s meal and not for storage; you’ll find no problem with the quality. This is one of the best ways to pick up massive savings on otherwise expensive nutrient-dense produce.

How to Eat Paleo on a Budget 3

Buy Whole Food and Divide It

Buying the whole chicken, entire cow, whole raw nuts or raw coconut is almost always cheaper than buying processed ingredients. Use fats as cooking fat, boil your own stock, or use a food processor or mortar and pestle to pound your own almond or coconut flour. When you buy raw products to process yourself at home you can find considerable savings. Learning to make milk from almonds and flour from coconut is also a lot of fun and guarantees great flavor.

Make a List and Stick to It

If you’re trying to eat paleo on budget, then draw up a budget and stick to it. Plan out a weekly, fortnightly or even a monthly eating plan and shop according to a predetermined list. This will not only save you money by cutting out impulse purchases, but buying this way gives you a fairly clear idea of what meals are costing the most. This may allow leeway for slight adjustments perhaps adding variety to your diet rather than going for one or two expensive proteins. If you diligently stick to your list and plan ahead, you’re bound to save money.

Eating Paleo on a Budget

Keep these tips in mind and scout the nearby area for specific savings in order to cut the costs of paleo. For even more ways to save money and eat healthy you simply have to get yourself the outstanding books making a part of The PaleoHacks Cookbook. From eating at restaurants to saving money at home, it’s an essential reference guide and source of inspiration for all paleo followers.

Eating healthy does not need to be expensive but your habits need to be frugal. Opt for exotic vegetables over high-priced meats as most superfoods come with far-reaching benefits and are extremely filling which helps you minimize the amount of protein in your meal to the recommended daily allowance.

Too much protein leaves you feeling sluggish, taxing the metabolism and your wallet. Given a little innovation and a meal plan which tips the balance towards fresh fruits and vegetables, eating paleo on a budget becomes fun.

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