How to build lean muscle mass on the Keto Diet?

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The main goal of a ketogenic diet is generally weight loss. The low-carb, moderate amount of protein and high-fat diet is known to suppress hunger and builds a metabolic process which burns fat in order to generate energy.

Well, the keto diet is not specifically known for muscle build-up and it’s usually the least of a goal for keto dieters. However, it’s not entirely impossible to build lean muscles mass while on a keto diet. You need to follow some procedures religiously and you’ll eventually land on your desired goal.

How to build lean muscle mass on Keto Diet

Balance your Protein Consumption

Protein is supposed to be consumed on a moderate range while on a keto diet. Protein is needed for building muscles. However, excess protein consumption will kick you out of the keto diet. so, make sure the protein intake for the keto diet leads to muscles growth instead of being wasted.

Having the Right Kind of Nutrition

Building lean muscle mass on a keto diet is quite challenging. Ketones such as HVMN Ketone have shown a significant effect on muscle development. Having the right kind of nutrition will help in muscle growth and retention. 

Resistant Exercise

Exercise is one of the best methods of building up muscle cells. Resistance exercise creates a trauma among the muscle cells which helps to activate the satellite cells and these satellite cells help to grow new muscle cell growth. 

When you’re on a keto diet, exercise like push up, pull up, reverse curl, etc. come handy. These exercises are not extremely difficult so, even if you don’t follow a severe exercise regime, these will help you develop muscle growth and help retain them.

Drink Plenty of Water

For all kinds of diet plans, water is a must. Make sure you drink plenty of water as it has been proven in multiple studies that dehydration causes both cellular and stress in the body.

Foods that Help to Build Muscles

Foods like cheesy scrambled eggs with avocado is a classic keto meal. It’s super easy to make and very tasty as well. Since the keto diet is rich in fat, you can keep beef, chicken, and fishes in your diet plan as these foods are mouth-watering and help you with gaining muscle mass as well.

Can I do it Without Carb?

There’s a common misconception that you can’t build muscles without consuming carbohydrates. Carb is essential for muscle generation and they’ll speed up the process. But, it’s possible to gain muscle mass while on keto.

Putting on muscle might be slower with a ketogenic diet, but it’ll ensure that of the muscle you’ll be getting are lean muscle without any extra fat.


When though the keto diet is not associated with muscle build-up, it’s definitely possible. You need to stay focused, determined, and create a meal plan that comprises of all the essential foods that you need for your diet. Make sure you exercise and eat the foods in proper portion so that it helps you reach your goal.

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