Does Keto Diet make you tired? Learn how to Overcome Fatigue

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Keto diet is one of the most popular low-carb diets out there than helps to lose weight rapidly. Keto diet promotes a fat-rich diet and about 70% of the total meal plan comprises of fats. Keto diet restricts carb eating and it only enables you to eat around 30g of carb each day.

The keto diet changes our regular metabolism system and converts into ketosis where the body uses fat to produce energy rather than glucose. As the keto diet changes our natural metabolism system, some keto dieter experienced some physical complications during the first few days.

Does Keto Diet make you tired

Most people feel some side-effects once they start the process but fear not, it’s temporary and it’ll go away within a few days or weeks. Once your body gets adapted to the new metabolism system, you’ll start to feel more refreshed and healthier.

Will Ketogenic Diet Make Me Tired?

This is a common question people have before they start with the ketogenic diet. Well, everyone’s body is different. However, most keto dieters get out of the initial tiredness after a while. Your body is accustomed to burning glucose for energy so, it’s normal to feel fatigued and tired when it starts using fat for energy.

Keto flu is one of the most common side-effects of the keto diet. The common symptoms of keto flu include nausea, tiredness, muscle cramps, headache, etc. Normally we consume 225g to 350g carb a day with our regular diet regime. The keto diet has a strict restriction on carbohydrate consumption and it’s limited to 30g per day.

As the body switches from a high-carb diet to a low-carb one, the insulin level is lowered in our body. This is not perfectly healthy but that’s the goal of a ketogenic diet as it helps to induce ketosis in the body. Also, when the insulin rate drops, the body excretes more sodium with urine which will lead you to urinate more than often during the first few weeks of keto.

How Do I Get Over the Tiredness?

One of the reasons you constantly feel tired during keto diet is due to the deficiency of salt and water in your body. Whenever you feel tired or dizzy during the fitness program, take a glass of water, put half a teaspoon salt in it and drink. Also, try to consume healthy fats and protein as that will help you stay more energized.

Keto diet strictly restricts carb consumption to about 35g per day. If no remedy works then increase your carb intake and then decrease it gradually as this will help will the adaptation process better.


Low-carb diet regime like keto diet promotes quick weight-loss. Shedding weight rapidly does sound very intriguing but there are some side-effects too. As the body is adapted to a new metabolism system, it’s common to feel tired and fatigued. However, it’ll pass within a few days once your body gets adapted. Make sure you drink plenty of water and healthy fat to stay hydrated and healthy.

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