Do you have to count calories on Keto Diet?

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During a ketogenic diet, the blood level of the ketones are elevated and the body reaches a metabolic state where the body burns fat to produce energy. A ketogenic diet is rich in fats, moderate level of protein and little carb. The reason why the body uses fat is due to the low intake of carb.

What is a Calorie?

A calorie is a unit of energy and our body uses this to perform millions of different tasks. A calorie is required to perform all sorts of tasks both voluntary and involuntary. However, we require a small amount of calorie to perform involuntary tasks. This process is known as basal metabolic rate and it is influenced many different factors such as age, gender, weight, etc.

Do I need to Count Calories?

Ketogenic diet comprises mainly of fat, some protein, and very little carb. You’ll get 9 calories from 1g of fat, 4 calories from 1g protein, 4 calories from 1g of carb. One of the very reasons keto diet has gained massive popularity is because you’ll not feel hungry despite being on a strict diet. The reason behind this is keto diet is a fat-rich diet and fat is more filling as well as provides more calorie.

Do you have to count calories on Keto Diet

Counting calories is indeed a great idea to have a rough idea of how many calories they intake and how much they need to burn. It’s a common belief among people that when you’re on a ketogenic diet, you don’t need to count calories. Well, the statement is partially true because keto diet suppresses hunger which eventually decreases the overall calorie intake. However, not everyone feels the same level of loss of appetite but it’s somewhat consistent among the keto dieters.

However, if you continually keep on taking more calories for a long period then the extra calorie will be converted into fat. Also, if you keep on taking fewer calories for an extended period then the body will release the stored fat and you’ll eventually lose weight.

Hormones play an essential role in appetite and fat storage. It has been shown on multiple pieces of research that ketogenic diet releases hormones which result in a natural reduction of weight due to the low carb meals.


Low carb diets such as ketogenic diets are an excellent way for weight reduction and they have proven to be much more effective than low-calorie diets. You should keep an account on the calories you intake and burn out as the excess calorie will convert into fat if you don’t burn them out. Your main goal in a ketogenic diet is weight loss so it’s not essential to count your calories.

However, it’s not essential to keep a keen eye on the calorie intake during a keto as the meals are planned in a way so that they provide sufficient amount of energy without providing too much calorie. Make sure the foods you eat are healthy and good source of fat and protein.

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