Do Keto supplements work? The real truth!

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A ketogenic diet is super rich in fat with a moderate amount of protein, and low carbohydrate. When you’re on a ketogenic diet you’re allowed to eat only up to 35g of carbohydrate each. This low intake of carbohydrate converts our regular metabolism system into a new one known as ketosis.

Under ketosis, the body produces ketones which help to use fat as a fuel for energy instead of glucose. In order to get the desired outcome from a ketogenic diet, it’s important to sustain ketosis. However, some suggest that you can induce ketosis with supplements without changing your regular diet regimen.

What are Keto Supplements?

Keto supplements contain ketone bodies which help to induce ketosis in the body. However, ketone bodies can be produced in the body or come from outside sources as well. Keto supplements only contain e beta-hydroxybutyrate ketone. There’s another primary ketone body called acetoacetate, however, it’s not chemically stable as a supplement.

Keto Supplements

Ketone supplements come in two key forms.

Ketone Esters: The ketone esters are linked to a compound called ester and these supplements come in a liquid form. These are not widely available in the market rather used in researches more often.

Ketone Salt: Ketone salts are readily available in the market. These ketones are bound salts, usually sodium, magnesium, and potassium. They’re available in powder form and you need to mix them up with liquid before consuming.

How do Keto Supplements Work?

The keto supplements are known to reduce appetite which eventually leads to weight loss as you’ll be eating less. It has been shown in research that people who’re on keto supplement feel about 50% less hungry than the people who’re not on the supplement.

The ketone supplements have shown to work better on people who didn’t have any meal before having the supplement. An elevated ketone level helps to suppress pangs of hunger, therefore, the supplements will show the better result if you consume them as the first thing in the morning instead of consuming them after a heavy meal.

What are the Side-Effect of Keto Supplements?

People are always looking for a quick and easy out solution. A keto supplement will help you induce ketosis however, they have some dire side-effects as well. Many of these supplements contain a large amount of caffeine which can lead to many physical complications after long term use. Also, keto supplements are quite expensive. You’ll require about 2 servings each day which makes up 60 serving per month.

Final Thoughts

Keto supplements do work to some extent as they help to suppress hunger which will eventually help you shed weight. However, consuming keto supplements for the long term will have an adverse effect as they’re not a healthy way to induce ketosis.

Keto supplements are very expensive so it’s important that you’re financially sound to bear the cost of the supplements. Opt for keto supplements only if you’re unable to induce ketosis naturally. Make sure you don’t continue for a long time as that will leave a damaging effect on your health.

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