Can you drink Alcohol on Keto Diet?

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A keto diet has a high-fat content with a moderate level of protein, and low carb content. Keto follows an extremely strict diet regime which you need to follow religiously to induce a new metabolism system called ketosis. Ketosis helps to burn fat to produce energy which helps to cut down the excess fat from the body and reach your desired fitness goals.

Keto diet restricts your daily carb intake to a maximum of 35g. It requires you to give up on sweets, snacks, sugary drinks, and alcohol. However, fear not, there is some low-carb alcohol which will let you enjoy your moment while helping you stay on ketosis.

Can you drink Alcohol on Keto Diet

What Kind of Alcohol Can I Consume During Keto?

Well, we do have good news for you. Alcohol such as gin, vodka, whiskey, rum have no carb in them so drink neat or have ‘em on the rocks, it’ll not add any additional carb in your diet. However, if you’re a wine lover then you need to keep portion control in mind.

Each glass of wine contains 3-6 grams of carbohydrate. So, make sure you cut down carb from other sources if you decide to have a glass of wine. The sweeter the wine the more carbohydrate it contains.

Beers is a no-no for keto dieters. Each can of beer has around 12 grams of carbohydrate which is about one-third of your entire day’s total carb intake. However, if you crave for a beer then go the light ones as they offer half the carb content than the regular ones.

Few Guidelines to Follow if You’re Drinking Alcohol During Keto

Have Keto-Friendly Meal before the Drink

If you already load yourself with a high-carb meal before your drinks then it’ll put you at a higher risk of going out of ketosis. It’s advised to have a meal that’s fat-rich with a moderate amount of protein as this will help to lower down the effects of alcohol and not have any adverse effect on your metabolic system.

No Heavy Loads

There’s no way to tell what spritzed is mixed in what proportion when you’re enjoying the alcohol beverage at the bar. However, it’s easier to maintain your goals when you’re having drinks at home. Make sure you don’t drive away from your fitness goals and devour yourself in booze.

Choose the Right Kind

One of the most important factors about the keto diet is to choose the right kind of foods and drinks. Some drinks contain more carbohydrate than others. You should opt for the ones that offer the lowest carb content so that you can stay on ketosis.


Keto is a super tight carb diet and it doesn’t leave much room for alcohol consumption, especially the ones with the carb in them. Consuming an excess level of alcohol can disrupt the fat burning process and hamper your diet regime. So, if you’re consuming alcohol during keto diet, make sure you stay within the recommended limit

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